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Who Are We?

Carnival Crashers is your elite concierge for world class Caribbean Carnival adventures. Our specialization in crafting unique experiences that place you at the epicenter of the most thrilling carnivals.

We are committed to offering outstanding customer service, which means that every part of creating a first-class travel & entertainment experience is coordinated.

Select Carnival Crashers to go on a journey full of unique experiences and continuous memories—your ultimate carnival adventure is waiting for you!

Coming Events

At Carnival Crashers, we believe in crafting experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Our exclusive partnerships open doors to unique events, and behind-the-scenes access unavailable elsewhere.

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What Makes Us Different

A Unique Approach to Carnival Travel

Our Unique Approach

At Carnival Crashers, we're not just about travel; we're about creating life-changing cultural experiences.

Our mission is to inspire and empower our clients to embrace a life filled with vibrant culture, exploration, and unforgettable moments.


Understanding Our Audience

We understand that modern travelers seek authenticity, relevance, and deep cultural connections.

Carnival Crashers caters to these desires, ensuring each journey is more than a trip – it's a gateway to genuine cultural immersion.


Vibrant Community

Carnival Crashers goes beyond providing carnival adventures; we've nurtured a community that transcends traditional travel experiences.

Our clients aren't just spectators; they're active participants in a dynamic, culture-rich community.

Our Crashers Speak

Michela K

I've been to my fair share of carnivals, but my experience with Carnival Crashers was next level.

The attention to detail and the communication from the team was great.
you won a carnival enthusiast for life!- Michela K - Miami 2022.

As a first-time carnival attendee, I wasn't sure what to expect. Carnival Crashers made sure I was well-informed.

The team's customer service was on point. I felt like a VIP w/ my Limin' package. Thanks Thalia, Duane and team

- Jasmine S. Miami 2022

Although originally I had issues with my original booking once that was cleared up everything else went smoothly.

The Carnival Crashers crew were very professional, accommodating and flexible. They were willing to adjust schedules and make additional drop offs and pick ups when needed.- Chris T. - Bahamas 2023